The Ocean of Seacrets that surfs The Shoreline of Existence also fills The Dream Lakes, distils in The Wells of Intuition and feeds the earth with insightful rain and frozen wishes. 


Ocean of Seacrets Meditation ~ A portal to inner space

~ Sit in lotus position, link your fingers orcup one hand in the other so that your fingers are touching their opposite i.e right forefinger is touching left forefinger.

~ Close your eyes... and look inward... moving through your inner space... on a journey to your self.

~ Imagine diving into a deep warm ocean, down into the deep, indigo depths.

~ You can breathe normally in this ocean...follow your breath.

~ If thoughts arise let them float like bubbles up and away to pop forgotten at the surface... while you return to following your breath as you sink back into The Ocean of Seacrets within you.