In moments of abandonement, lack of attention can change carefree to careless, causing you to stumble for to bring you you back into full awareness of the present.

Lose your self as you stride over The Carefree Hills and you could lose your footing and stumble into The Foreboding Valley. If you don't regain your balance and re-establish presence, you may find yourself slipping further down into the valley's depths, where damp, swampy folds quickly engulf you and you feel your self slowly bound in enveloping folds of pressure... the air is thin, the atmosphere is heavy and a subtle fog dulls your mind, weaving your thoughts into confusion.

Forever dusk, darkness is continually approaching. Doubts creep in and you long to escape immediately but impatience is futile for we have slipped into The Foreboding Valley for a reason... we are here to remember what's important, for we would not be here if we hadn't forgotten.

We must breathe deeply to reach the air that the hungry swamp has absorbed in it's moist, humid mists and look closely through the twilight, for the swamp is richly fertile and heaving with the promise of life. yet, only the strongest of dreams and truest of desires to take hold and blossom here ~ like the determined swamp flowers blooming in shadows against all odds. Trivial distractions and fleeting fantasies have no foothold here, but clear ideas with strong intent will eventually sprout beautiful wings and fly skyward, encouraging you to follow them back up and out of The Foreboding Valley.