Time expands infinitely on The Carefree Hills and space calls for you to fill it with your joy, truly your inner lanscape flips, through the looking glass, to become your outer and you and the timeless space are one.


Wherever you wander in The Carefree Hills, it is the same place. The distance you travel is no distance, the time it takes is no time. Yet here you have the best of both worlds, for you can feel the sun on your skin, the endless air passing into your nose and mouth and filling your lungs and the earth you tread beneath your feet. You can smell the plants that you pass and hear the birds singing in the no distance. On our Map Between Worlds, The Carefree Hills exlempify our duality.


The Carefree Hills are that sense of freedom and exhileration that comes with the realisation that we have a foot in both worlds.


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