You cannot outrun the winds of The Barren Lands. Here. The Winds of the Universe gather momentum as they course the surface of these vast bare, prairies. Nothing can grow here as the confusion of these racing winds disperses everything visible and invisible…hurling it around. 

The only thing to do if you should find yourself caught in a gale in the barren lands is to take shelter. Lay low, put your ear to the ground and listen, because beneath these maddening, buffeted lands lay The Aquifers of Serenity and if you listen carefully you can hear to the clear, patient wisdom of the untroubled waters. 

By tuning into the wisdom of these ancient underground lakes we learn to wait patiently to nourish the part of us that can hold fast. If we stay grounded long enough to not get blown away by The Barren Land winds,  all that is superfluous and ungrounded is blown asunder and all that remains is unburdened calm.