Happiness Happens

 The search for happiness can be seen as trying to escape from a self imposed, small sense of self & an unecessary resistance to remembering the awesome, all encompassing nature of of our existence.

What if happiness is our natural state? The sense of being what we call happy is experienced through the process of our mind/body when we forget ourselves and happiness just happens!

Our awareness has escaped for a moment from the confines of any resistance, transcending patterns of conditioning of our mind/body, either self imposed or otherwise, that keep the barriers of our undeniable unity & connection to all people and other life in place. We can then enter into a more expansive state of awareness where nothing & no-one is excluded. What could be happier than that?

At moments of spontaneous joy, any judgemental dispositions, (favoured by the controlling nature of and ego), that might lead to fear, or one of it's derivatives such as doubt & distrust, simply don't have time to enter... & before you know it you are happy!


Jan 2nd


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Friday, 03 July 2020